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Web Based Series

Minimum: 15 min. Web Episodes
(10 episodes annually for the pilot year)

Pilot Episode

Episode 1: "Back To The Beginning"

Sebring International Raceway Pro Interviews

Vol. 1, the pilot, we go to the top of the professional racing world to find out what it takes to become a pro driver. The film features pro driver interviews with the likes of Scott Sharp, Tony Lazzaro, Tommy Kendall, Patrick Dempsey and more.

We take viewers on a trip down memory lane to find out how each got started in racing. Their story is the story many up-and-comers have yet to live through. The information obtained in this movie is crucial to their journey and the success of their efforts. Along with compelling footage and inportational narration, viewers will be inspired and encouraged to pursue their dreams. Spreading a sublime message of positivity and strength of character, we beleive this is a magnificently potent piece to start the series off with.

About The Show
Dreaming The Dream, Living The Passion

Racers and motoring enthusiasts all share a passion for cars, whether that be for style, art of design, or driving and racing. There are many shows that focus on the cars, or the upper echelon of professional motorsports. Lately there have even been some that touch on the grassroots community. The type of show that does not exist is one that focuses on the grassroots world, and more specifically the people in that world.

SecondGear takes viewers inside that grassroots scene unveiling the myriad opportunities to people to get into some form of racing. From autocross, to karting, to time attack, drifitng, rallycross, and more, the show brings this little known world to light with the goal of encouraging, inspiring and informing those wanting to get into motorsports, for fun, for learning, or even to pursue careers from driving to running events. They all seek much desired knowledge about the journey from grassroots to pro.

SecondGear covers tips for set-up, safety, techniques, all the way to the ins and outs of the varying degrees of professional motorsports. We go as far as to enlighten viewers of the types of careers in support positions available in motorsports, for those with skills and passions other than driving.

Overall we beleive this will be both entertaining while also being immensely informative, a truly valuable asset to the future of motorsports, in this ever changing world.

Our Mission:
Inspire, Encourage, Inform.

We Want To Ensure The Future Of Motorsports From The Grassroots Level, Where It All Begins.

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Funding / Support:

Open To Sponsors, Advertisers Investors, and/or Exec. Producers

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Audience Demographic:
Ages 14 - 60 Approx: 85% Male

Anticipated Viewership:
250,000 / 3 Month

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The Benefits Of Becoming A Show Sponsor

Over 90% of the enthusiast community is a potential viewer of this show. This is the broadest scope of purchasing clients of brands and services. Sponsors who want to support our benevolent efforts and gain brand exposure to the grassroots community will benefit more than from television as the web based nature of the show. The breadth of the audience the show can reach via viral promotion is much more extensive then any other traditional marketing and adertising.

In addition to the exposure reach of the show, supporting sponsors, and advertisers, also benefit from making this show possible, by inherently helping to ensure the future of racing from the roots of the tree. Their very businesses depend on the existence of racing and an informational, inspirational show like this paves the way for the future of racing, thus the future of their own businesses and brands.

The types of sponsoring/advertising companies best suited for supporting this show are:

• Aftermarket Manufacurers and Retailers
• Auto Manufacturers
• Tire Companies
• Race/Safety Gear Manufacturers and Retailers
• Driving/Racing Schools
• Car Care Brands
• Sanctions
• Tracks
• Banks
• Lifestyle Brands/
• Insurance Companies
• Airlines
• Hotel Chains
• Travel Services
• Online Social Sites

Any brand or service that can benefit from exposure to car and racing enthusiasts, grassroots racers, semi-pro teams, are the right fit for the nature of the shows audience.

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